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Past Workshops & Trainings

Certified Coach Lea Appleton hosts workshops for those interested in improving wellbeing in daily life as well as corporate leadership trainings.


Coach Lea Appleton facilitating a leadership training event at REI.

Coach Lea Appleton uses a diagram for the strengths each person brings to a team at a leadership training at REI in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"I felt that the combination of her leadership and coaching experience allowed Lea to provide real life examples of what we may encounter on the road to progressing through our careers whilst integrating a real sense of human connection and compassion throughout her presentation.”


Tiffanie J.


Workshops for the Busy: Mindful

Many thanks to those who participated live online (and later on-demand) and to Be Rosie Salon in Claremont, CA for being a wonderful host!

Screenshot of "Mindful Practices" slide from online workshop with Coach Lea Appleton in a small box in the corner speaking.

Certified Coach Lea Appleton discusses creative expressions and mindful practices in online workshop.

Coach Lea Appleton showing how to use a metal finger labyrinth with wooden stylus.

Lea demonstrates using a finger labyrinth as a way to be mindful for a break during daily life.

Events: Mindful

Workshops for the Busy: life in the balance

Many thanks to those who attended and to Be Rosie Salon in Claremont for being a wonderful host!

Life in the Balance workshop participants

Certified Coach Lea Appleton describing
the life balance wheel

Coach Lea Appleton seated in a chair speaking to the workshop attendees.

Appleton Coaching is happy to support Shoes That Fit with the proceeds from the Life in the Balance workshop.

Coach Lea Appleton standing and speaking to workshop participants, with whiteboard in the background.

"Lea is a natural expert on keeping mindful—present in the moment, clear-thinking, optimistic. Able to remain calm in chaos, while finding creative solutions...that's your teacher."

- Sharon G.

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