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Good morning sunshine!

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

What would it take for you wake up in morning more enthusiastic about your work (or your life in general)?

Try an exercise with me! We will explore the steps, going backwards from that moment the morning greets you with a smile (wishful thinking for some of us, but work with me here!).

Here are a few steps to change how your day unfolds. Note that you do them the day BEFORE:

1. Rest: Get more sleep. This may seem obvious, but when we are physically rested we have more reserves to face whatever comes our way. With more sleep the morning simply feels better. Tonight, commit to a bedtime 15-20 minutes earlier than the night before and turn off the light (devices, too!). Any amount of time earlier counts here.

2. Hope: Before turning off the light, jot down something you are looking forward to the next day. It can be work-related or something in your personal life. Put on paper something that makes getting up better. Maybe it’s your pet, your garden, your boss, your first meeting with a new client.

3. Gratitude: And earlier, before you end your day, do one small statement of gratitude. Whether it is an email of appreciation to a colleague for a great presentation/meeting, or a slack thank-you to your team for doing good work that day, or simply a bright post-it note on your fridge reminding yourself how you completed some unfinished household task. Make it small, concrete, and timely.

Then in the morning as soon as the sun crosses your face (or your alarm jars the quiet!) remind yourself these three things. 1) I am more rested today; and, 2) I am looking forward to ________; and, 3) I am grateful for ______.

Rest. Hope. Gratitude.

See how this moves you an inch or two closer to starting your day with enthusiasm and comment below to tell me about it. I’d love to hear how it goes for you!

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