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Challenges & Pilgrimages

After my DIY Pilgrimage I've had a wild few months with more to do than I expected. It's been an interesting challenge to process my walk now that I am really back to the grind, so to speak. What I miss most is the time and space I felt outside walking for most of the day. When I walk my brain quiets, the chatter slows down, the noise in my head becomes softer. Does this ever happen to you?

I've been able to be outside and continue to work (it does feel like work...sigh) to get a schedule that I want. I've been participating with a friend of mine in some of the virtual Conqueror Series events--you walk in real life the distance where you live but view the location virtually. I've completed the Inca Trail (26 miles), the Road to Hana (64 miles), and am 4/5 of the way on my make my own adventure challenge to walk/run 300 miles. I've actually already surpassed 600 miles overall by this point in June--I had no idea I walked so much, but it has been cool to track it, both the casual and intentional walking.

Next on the virtual challenge list, my friend and I are going to virtually walk the Ring of Kerry together this summer (124 miles). I've surprisingly enjoyed the challenge of committing to a virtual experience, I think because I get to go outside and actually walk. As I've done these I've also continued to process my DIY pilgrimage from February and what I learned from it. Pilgrimages are often different than fitness challenges in that there is much more inner work that can be done. Walking with intention, taking time afterward to reflect on what surfaces, and considering how to make changes in daily life that are informed by this process are part of pilgrimages. Walking a pilgrimage is a challenge, but with an additional layer of discovery.

Plans are in the works to offer a virtual pilgrimage that you can do later in the year! If you'd like to walk on your own (or participate completely virtually) and do some inner exploration as part of an online community, click the button here to be included in the upcoming info late summer/early fall. Keep putting one foot in front of the other....

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