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Pilgrimage Postscript

When I told my dad I was walking at the beach again he asked me, “Are you doing a mini Camino or are you looking for ice cream?” I replied, “Both!”

I returned to the California coast yesterday. I walked part of the path my sister and I did during my DIY Pilgrimage but I began and ended the journey at a different place. I wanted to see what I had missed. I wanted to experience another perspective. That was my mini Camino.

I also wanted to get a frozen banana on Balboa Island since we had skipped that part on my DIY Pilgrimage since we passed the ice cream store right after breakfast! As I stood in line, however, I decided that ice cream really was in order so I got a Balboa Bar (google it if you want to see a Balboa Bar in all its yumminess!!)

So what do a pilgrimage and ice cream have in common? For me, it is that sense of refreshment. Ice cream tastes particularly good after 10+ miles of walking. It also is a treat that connects me to my dad—we were also looking for ice cream when we did our part of my DIY Pilgrimage together. (My dad and I share a love for chocolate ice cream. 🙂)

Ice cream is a treat and so is being able to reconnect to myself while walking. It took about 4 miles for me to really relax and settle in. And the rest of the journey was full of thoughtful observation and reflection. I’m grateful for this treat, this moment of renewal with the water and sand and sky. And for time with myself to find another perspective. Time and space…walking and ice cream. The perfect combination!

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