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Some more learning from my pilgrimage path

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

It seems weeks ago that I left on my DIY pilgrimage.

But I’ve only been gone a handful of days. There have been a number of things I’ve noticed:

Time runs differently when you are moving constantly at walking speed. It moves in and out of feeling quick and feeling slow. And there’s always enough of it.

Feet are the foundation of walking. I got my first blister and I was shocked. I can’t remember the last time I got a blister doing anything. All of a sudden I’m paying way more attention to my feet. Dry socks, hiker goo, rest. Slow down.

Speaking of rest, I need more of it when I am walking seven hours on average per day. I tend to do better with more sleep anyway, but now a full 10 or 11 hour seems perfectly appropriate! I wake up refreshed and with not nearly as many aches and pains as I anticipated. Sleep seems to repair soreness.

When I first started walking my brain was noisy—lots of chatter about lots of things. Now it’s gotten much quieter. I’m not really thinking all that much and I kinda like it!

And…as you’ve noticed, I’ve found it harder to write! I’ve posted to Instagram and Facebook because, honestly, it’s been more expedient. Photos are easier and I don’t have to think so hard—when I start to write, I’ve been going down a rabbit hole of thought upon thought. So, as I complete my pilgrimage I will catch you up on the movements of my heart and musings of my mind in the days to come.

I have a feeling that coming back from a pilgrimage is like that anyway—lots of things continue to bubble to the surface post-walk.

If you want more photos and briefer posts, click on one of these links:

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